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The Unofficial, Official Drink of Ghostbusters


A one-of-a-kind relaunch for a one-of-a-kind movie reboot. EctoCooler is the drink of the movie Ghostbusters. It was first introduced with the original and people loved it. So it only made sense for Coke to bring it back. Our mission was to fuel the fun for the drink made with "slime." 


The First Taste 

This is how we confirmed to the legions of fans that EctoCooler was in fact coming back. No fanfare, no promotion, no hype. We just "leaked" one can on ebay and let it go. 


The Influencer Kits

 Resembled the proton pack from the movie. Needless to say they loved them.

The Taste Scale of the World

 We made a "guide" so people would remember what it taste like.

Ecto posters_1.jpg

Ghost Mode on Lyft

We worked with Sony and Lyft to give rides in Ecto-1. That's the name of the Ghostbusters car for you non fans out there. You could ride in Ghost Mode and be served EctoCooler. 



With a juice box of EctoCooler, Dan Aykroyd, and #strawface we made some noise.


The Fallon Flop

Finally, we had Jimmy Fallon jump into a giant pool of EctoCooler slime. Because, why not. 


Other Fandom

We can't stake claim for this nonsense, but thought it was a good way to show just how much people were into the EctoCooler relaunch.