Dive! and GMO OMG - Two Socially Conscious Films

Dive! and GMO OMG

Was honored to work with the director and producer to help get their important messages out to the masses. 



Tackles food waste in America and uses dumpster diving to show just how much good food we waste on a daily basis. The film was shown in schools to educate young AUDIENCES on the wasteful of society and what can be done to reverse the trend. It was also shared with with Colorado and California State Representatives to help them understand the true scale of the problem. 

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This film focuses on the director's family and through the eyes of his kids they discover just how prevalent GMOs are in the food they eat every day. It also follows their quest to find GMO free food and the realization that GMOS are already cemented in our food and farming industries and how big corporations truly control what goes on their plate. This is an important documentary for anyone who wants to know the truth.